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Post  Brandon on Sun Feb 17, 2008 1:58 am

Here at Sims Area Productions, words are just words, but for other users, words have a meaning. The rules to be at this forums are:

The NO rules:
- No offensive language.
- No discrimination, this means that homophobic behavior, sexual harrasment with words, racism, and other offensive behaviors are NOT permitted.
- No negative comments.
- No adult material, links to denigrating websites and/or obscene material.
- No posting personal information and/or others details.
- No multiple accounts.

Other rules:
- Post with one word will be deleted.
- Spamming is not allowed.
- Avatars will be checked, in case of being offensive or unnecesary a message will be sent.
- Only advertisements of The Sims fansites are permitted.

Those are the only rules that need to be followed. Consequences on the forums will be held if a user doesn't go with the rules:

When one rule is broken:
- The user that brakes one rule will be left a message on their inbox asking them to DON'T do it again. If you receive more than 3 warnings, there will be a temporary ban. If more than seven warnings are given, permanent ban.

When 2-4 rules are broken:
- The user that brakes more than two to four rules equals a temporary ban from the forums. The ban will be determined according of the gravity of the situation.

When 5 or more rules are broken:
- The user that brakes more than five rules it will be time to say goodbye to the forums. Permanent banning.

As for signatures. You cannot have a long signature, it is not allowed. No pictures either. Only words.

As for the avatars. You can have any avatar you like, as long it is not offensive. If you decided to put an avatar of yourself, it will be at your own risk. The only requierement is to be a clean picture and with clothing on.

The above rules apply to admins, moderators, members, and guests.

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